Introduce the way of playing 9 lines Slot machine

The below is introduction about the way of playing 9 lines Slot machine:

Electric 9 lines Slot machine game is one of the most popular gambling games at Casinos. Slotmachine game was made by pulling wheels which have symbols. The main goal here is, the symbols in pulling wheels can reach to demanded payline for player to win the bounty. It is based on the kinds of various game, the different kinds will cause winning line with number different too. In these circumstances, 9 lines Slot machine will raise winning chance for playing more. The bounty is calculated based on the result of playing Slot machine which appears in Pay Table. In here, we will see Pay Table in screen concurrently it displays total accumulated bounty in process of playing.


The goal of this slot game is you have to achieve winning combine in any 9 paylines. Players can choose any bets or all payline, concurrently each payline limit 10 coins.

Players have to click button + or – in slot machine to choose coin value. If players bet 10 coins, but they want to raise the bet up to 25 coins, then just click button + one more to raise value up to 25 coins. If players hope playing with 1 coin, then just click the button + until the value appears 1 coin. The highest coin value which players can bet is 10 coins.

Players have to choose how many coins they want to play in each time. Each time playing, they can choose to bet 1 coin (press Bet one) to maximum 3 coins (press Bet max). Each time clicking Bet one also raise betting coins. Betting a coin allows to play with first Pay Table. Betting 2 coins allows players to play with second Pay Table. Players can bet maximum 3 coins to play with third Pay Table, concurrently achieving the highest payment.

Click the button Bet max to display you bet 3 coins, 3 wheels will run automatically. If players bet 1 or 2 coins, they have to press Spin to activate the wheels. In the right of button Spin is button Auto. This button will make the game to run automatically after 2 seconds you bet. If players achieve winning combine, they will base on coin betting number and the bounty in Pay Table. The accumulated bounty combine is based on Pay Table.

The above is introduction about the way of playing 9 lines Slot machine, find out more information and enjoy the game by entering GDWON333.