Highway king slot game and how to become the King of races

There are hundreds even thousands of choices for you to find a great and suitable online game for yourself. But sometimes, the more choices you have, the more difficulties you have to meet. So, if you take part in the world of online games at the first, I suggest you should try to play highway king slot game – a simply betting game that played the most to have the best wonderful experiences.

About general information of highway king slot game

As you may know, highway king is an excellent product of Playtech – one of the leading software providers on the online game industry. In addition, nowadays, this slot game is one of over 300 games of casino online Malaysia. You know this phrase, right? It is very famous in the online game market and I am sure that all people who are fans of online game know this collection. Come back to highway king slot game, it has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The numbers of pay lines quite less than other games. But it is ok, you still can get the huge rewards equal to others is ok.  You should remember that besides 3 huge trucks in red, yellow and green, this slot game offers players a lot of surprise rewards from normal symbols such as pistons, spark plugs, tires, gas tanks, lucky dice and wheels. So, you need to try to collect all of them as possible to increase your chance of winning.


How to become the King in highway king slot game

To become the King in this slot game, it is not hard as you think. Besides getting more knowledge about the game and its rules, you need to have some strategies when playing highway king slot game. However, first of all, remember that you have to master the way to play this slot game as well as functions of buttons like Change, Bet One, Bet Max or Spin, Paytable, in the game.

And now are some strategies to play highway king slot game. The very first strategy is you should play for free at first. Maybe you will feel it is very bored and have no risk involved but it is really important for you to get experiences and master this slot game.

The second strategy is you need to understand about the percentages of holding. There are many kind of machine in betting games and some machines hold 3% in total your wins but some hold 6%. This means that if you choose a machine which has the percentages of holding at minimum, you will pay more than others.

The third strategy is you need to bet the max with all 9 pay lines if you want to get the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot – the top jackpot of highway king slot game. But it just actives when you win main game.

I hope these strategies will support you to play the best highway king slot game. Good luck!