Dollar Ball – the best extra game of Highway king Slot game

One of the most attractive things of Highway king Slot game is Dollar Ball. This is a extra game based in accumulated lottery form, you have to choose 5 in 49 numbers. After beginning, 5 numbers will be drawn randomly. As more as results coincides with your choices then you will win more and more. If all 5 numbers coincides with your choices, you will win Jackpot.Dollar Ball is in right corner of top of screen.  Press Enable to play. You will see a group number from 1 to 49. Press any 5 numbers to choose (press again to cancel), or press Random pick to let system choose automatically for you. Press Activate to hide those numbers and confirm your choice. When Dollar Ball is activated, one more betting will be automatic to bet more when you bet on main game. The value of Jackpot betting is fixed and you can see it in interfere of each round. To cancel Dollar Ball, press Disable.


Dollar Ball is played with each main round, with same numbers until you change these numbers or cancel extra game.These numbers will be performed in a line or white circles which are in top of screen. When starting a round of main game, the number is drawn which be appeared in top of screen. If any number which coincides with your choice, the circle which contains these numbers that will be changed into green color and your bounty will be appeared in bottom of screen. It will be added into your account with any bounty from main round. The bounty Dollar Ball is paid corresponding with Pay Table for Dollar ball that you can see it in Pay Table of main game. The bounty you may receive from 1, 2 or 3 numbers is fixed bounty and this money will be calculated by multiplying Jackpot betting with corresponding rate.

Besides the fixed bounty, Dollar Ball also includes accumulated bounty. Some percents of each Jackpot betting will be added into a general fund from each player attends this game. When player has a right result (5 numbers coincide with 5 numbers drawn), player will win all Jackpot. He/her can completely win a part of Jackpot (1%) if 4 in 5 numbers they choose which coincides with the result.

After each Jackpot is won, one new fund will be restarted and casino will contribute money. This ensures that you will still receive money when you win Jackpot after another.

Pay attention:

  • You need to bet new Jackpot that is considered to be valid to play Jackpot
  • You do not need to win in main round to win Jackpot
  • The contribution of Jackpot just is applied when you play with Dollar Ball
  • All bounty and winning rate for Dollar Ball just are corresponding with Jackpot betting
  • If any Jackpot is stopped (game is closed or removed from program), you will be informed by Casino

The above is Dollar Ball – an extra game of Highway King UCW88 . You can find out more information about this game and many other casino games by entering scr888. We are always with you in gambling world.