Great Blue Slot Machine Intro

Deep into the deep blue ocean with GDWON333 slot machine. Enjoy the calmness and harmony of submarine life with its funny dwellers. Waves splashing, sun rising to greet you every day and a lot of cash rewards to gain.

Designd by Start gametech in 5 reel 25 paylines format, this slot invites you into the blue lagoon with such images as seahorse, whale, shark, shells and a lot of pearls.

The wild image is Whale. This big generous Whale can substitute for any other images except the scatter. What is more, every time this image substitutes in gainning combination your reward is doubled. It allows you to raise your reward for 4 Sharks with 1 Whale up to 1,500 coins or $300,000.


The scatter image is Shells and Pearl. When you get two or more Shells and Pearl on the reels, your total bet will be multiplied. Start game with max total bet of $5,000, catch 5 Shells and Pearl images on the reels to multiply your bet by 500 times and gain up to $2,500,000.

Great Blue Slot Game Bets To Make To Gain Jackpot

There are such coin sizes to start Great Blue slot machine with as $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00. With such variations you can start game with different bets that allow you to start game with the min bet of $0.50 and the max bet of $5,000. That will also affect your possible rewards.

Let’s talk about the top awards that all we want to get. To gain such huge rewards as the top jackpot of 10,000 coins or $2,000,000 you need to start game with 10 coins per line and select the coin size of $20.00. Catch 5 Whales on the payline. It is amazing and unbelievable… but still possible.

Great Blue Slots Bonus Game

To gain Free Spins feature you need to get three or more Shells and Pearl images on the payline. Such combination will activate 8 Free Spins during which all your rewards are doubled. Before Free Spins start you should select among 5 sea shells presented. You can select 2 sea shells from them. Each of them reveal extra Free Spins and multiplier.


The max reward is 33 Free Spins with 15x multiplier. With such huge 15x multiplier you can gain 150,000 coins or $30,000,000 for 5 Whales. If you catch three or more scatters on the reels you will activate extra 15 Free Spins.

There is also Gamble Feature ready for use that allows you to double your reward. It can be activated after any gainning spin. Just click Gamble button and select the right card colour. Black or red. Select your colour to gain more. You can guess till the limit of $2,000 reached. You also can stop this feature just clicking Collect button.

Great Blue slot machine is another voyage into the deep blue ocean with its valueable treasures hidden at the bottom. Joyful, calm and fresh. This slot has enough to provide for your good mood as well as for your pocket.

Online casino Malaysia – Roulette


Roulette is a kind of casino game and played all over the world. Traditional physicall as well as online casinos offer a wide range of wheels to play.

Roulette in Asia

In Asia, roulette can be seen in almost casinos in the continent. For anyone that has come to a casino in Macau, Malaysia, Singapore or other countries in Asia, they will know the game is a common game choice. In Macau, the game is still increasing in popularity as up until recently there were very few roulette wheels available on the island.

As roulette is such a commonplace game among Asian gamblers, it is absolutely offered by online GDWON333 Malaysia. There are usually a number of various versions of the game on offer such as European roulette and American one. Likewise the game is offered in two different formats.

The first of these uses real dealers situated in a casino or live dealer casino based in Asia. In this format, you will play with other players and can make bets and watch the ball spinning around the wheel in the same way as you can in an actual world casino. Most Asian roulette players go for this option.

The second option is the standard Flash format where you play roulette as a Flash game in your browser. This version is probably rather faster as you will be the only player at the table, but many people prefer the live dealer casino option just because it is more interactive and feels more realistic.

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is enjoyed with a small ball which spins around a stationary bowl before it drops into a spinning base including 38 numbered pockets, 1-36 and 0, 00.The existing roulette wheel and game used at most casinos is originated from a number of spinning wheel games, the earliest of which were based on a perpetual motion device developed by Blaise Pascal in the 1700’s.


Early roulette wheels were not every different from today’s wheels, but the wheels used in Paris in the 1790’s had just 2 colors, black and red, including the “0” “00” known today. To avoid confusion the “0” and “00” were finally colored green. The house edge on double zero roulette wheels is 5.26%.

As the casinos in Paris and Germany looked for customers in the 1800’s, the town of Bad Homburg, Germany launched single “0” roulette with a smaller house edge of just 2.70% Obviously the game was better for the players, and the game became popular as European roulette. Almost  casinos in America, from Canada and the US to the ones of the Bahama’s and North America include double zero wheels, called American roulette.

Online gambling Malaysia roulette is very popular for some reasons, such as the ease of play and game speed. In a land based casino the dealer have to clear the layout of losing bets, calculate winning payoffs, sell chips, spin the ball, and begin the whole process over again. Online games can be as quick as the player is. You will find there are plenty of different bets to make on a roulette layout. Moreover, online players may select single-zero wheels as well as multiple wheel games. Keep in mind that the multiple wheel games are fun, but you will bet much more per spin.